Welcome to Emergent Scientist (EmSci), the first open access student-oriented scientific journal.

Reading, writing and reviewing articles is a major part of the scientific process and should be as such included in scientific education. However, most professional journals are too technical to be accessible to students in training: a solid background is required to understand articles, it takes a long research experience to produce new publishable material and only well-established scientists are invited to review submitted manuscripts.

EmSci offers students a unique opportunity to get acquainted with scientific publication.


EmSci publications have high pedagogical standards and are intended to be accessible to students. Articles are published in Open Access and are completely free of charge.


Students are the main authors of EmSci. You have carried out a research project for a class, contributed to a science tournament or done some nice work by yourself? Turn it into a paper and learn by doing the publication process.


Providing a clear and constructive criticism requires a good understanding of both the content and the method of the work under scrutiny. EmSci invites students to come behind the scene and contribute to the peer review of submitted manuscripts.

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